At Sat Darshan, we understand the symbiotic relationship between the mind and body. We firmly believe, that the traditional treatments of yore lost to us today, provides the healing touch to all our physical and mental ailments. Our founder, Ananda has spent many years exploring and experimenting with various natural and traditional treatments and therapies. His experience in this field provided an impetus to set up a therapy centre, purely focused on providing simple, and straightforward natural and traditional therapies that will seek to cure a variety of ailments through the use of purely natural remedies available to us.

Our therapy centre provides the following specific Ayurveda treatments:

  • Traditional Banana/Plantain Leaf Bath: The participant will have to lie down, open to the sun, and will be cocooned in large banana leaves. These act as a convection oven, and with the sun’s heat helps open all the pores for a tremendous revitalisation of the body.
  • Organic Mud Bath: The participant will be covered in layers of organic red mud, either procured from the mountains or from fresh silt provided by the lovely Siruveni River, on the banks of which the therapy centre lies. He will then have to stand or sit in the sun in order for the mud to bake over the skin. Once the mud pack is baked dry, which usually takes about 40 minutes in the afternoon sun, the participant is invited to take a refreshing bath in the river itself or in the shower adjoining the therapy centre.
  • Traditional and Natural Treatments: We also provide a host of traditional and natural treatments with the help of dear friends and experts who are traditional practitioners. For this, we will have the understand the history of the participant’s ailments to put together a traditional treatment specific to the participant.

All the above therapies will be provided along with a focus on food. Many traditional therapies insist on consuming a certain type of food prior to and after the treatment for a certain number of days for the treatment to be effective. This will also be communicated to the participant prior to the treatment, and Sat Darshan’s kitchen will accommodate these specific meals.

As always, the pure natural environs of Sat Darshan also plays a final healing touch to the mind and soul. Please contact us to understand what traditional and natural therapies you need and how it can be done during your stay at Sat Darshan.