Earlier reservation is mandatory. Mail has to be sent to the following id: In case of booking is full, will let you know by reply, and sometimes the available dates are also be suggested. By chance if any cancellation must be informed is in prior, that'll be enabling us to provide the rooms for others.


The charges per day for Indian Rs.350/- and Rs.450/- for foreigner. (Inclusive of food, accommodation, tea, coffee, snacks) objective of this fee is not for a revenue motive. Just to run the center viably with all its maintenance, salary, unexpected damages and all other miscellaneous and imperceptible minute expenses.

It is more or less equal costs for one's daily expenses for a simple livelihood requirement for a day wherever he or she lives; barely that amount is collected as fee. Those who cannot afford this fee can write the management, so that three days of free food and accommodation will be provided based on the availability.

And your generous donation is accepted with reverence, and it will be very much helpful for us to run the center viably and serve more people who are not really afforded.