Apart from meditation and spiritual learning, we have also teamed up with local self help groups for a variety of local initiatives.

Sharing Kiosk

One such initiative of Ananda, is the Sharing Kiosk. Every quarter, we ask fellow well-wishers, friends, and practitioners who have stayed with us in the past to contribute clothes, unused appliances, gadgets, books, and other materials. Sat Darshan collects and exhibits this collection, and distributes them for free to the surrounding tribal community.

We feel that this is an opportunity to manage the abundance of material things we surround ourselves with, and to create an awareness of the Joy of Sharing.

Common Social Activities for Tribal and Rural Welfare

  • Afforestation activities in land slide and flood prone areas in the neighbourhood
  • Periodic Alternative Medical Camps for the Tribal and Rural communities around our Center
  • Free alternative medicine like Homeopathy and Ayurveda for those in need
  • Spreading awareness and knowledge on organic and sustainable farming amongst the rural and tribal communities who live around our Center
  • Creating opportunities for public, tribal, and rural partnerships for the upliftment and greater well-being of the local communities.
  • Periodically screening world cinemas and documentaries for the local tribals as a form of healthy recreation to replace alcohol and narcotic addiction.

Center Activities for Practitioners

  • Disseminating knowledge and benefits of yoga and meditation to all those who visit and stay at our Center
  • Sharing knowledge and techniques on alternative and eco friendly housing and living
  • Practical programs on cooking the traditional Indian way for healthy eating and well-being
  • Creating awareness about renewable energy resources such as Biogas, Solar, Wind, and Turbine energies.
  • Conducting periodical camps and summits on non conventional living and how to lead a life of complete relaxation without anxiety and despair amidst a competitive society.

Allied Activities

  • Creating awareness about the ecological disasters caused by cutting trees and changing the course of rivers amongst the local rural and tribal communities
  • Associating & coordinating with self help groups and NGO’s for sustainable reforestation on barren land in and around the Center
  • Creating awareness about our eco system through documentaries, interviews with naturalists and conservators, and movies.