We also have Non Government and Non Profit Organization with the following Objectives

Fundamental activities

  • Implementing the Chain of 'Sharing Kiosk' across the country and around the globe.

Primary Activities

  • Forestation activities in the land slide areas and flood areas
  • Periodically conducting Alternative Medical Camps for Tribal & Rural peoples.
  • Providing free alternative medicine like Homeopathy & Ayurvedha.
  • Spreading the knowledge among the Rural & Tribal about the organic and sustainable farming.
  • Transferring the knowledge and technological know how's on Alternative & Eco friendly living.
  • Transferring the knowledge about the benefits and importance of Yoga & Meditation.
  • Creating awareness among the Public, Tribal and Rural about the Practical education and Communal living with the contribution of several physical activities.
  • Performing the practical programs about traditional health cooking for a well-being livelihood.
  • Creating awareness about renewable energy resources such as Solar & Wind Energies.
  • Conducting periodical camps and summits on Non Conventional living and how to lead a life of complete relaxation without anxiety and despair amidst the competitive society.

Allied Activities

  • Creating awareness about the Ecological disaster by cutting trees and ruin the river course among the Rural & Tribal.
  • Associating & coordinating with self help groups and ngo's for the Social and Agro Forestry.
  • Adapting the portions of barren land in and around the society and growing wild trees.
  • Creating awareness about our Eco System through the projected documentaries, clipping and movies.
  • Periodically screening World Cinemas and Documentaries for the tribal and rural people which are healthy recreation as a replacement for unlimited Alcohol or Narcotic addiction.

Sharing Kiosk

This is our Main objective of our NGO. Periodically gathering the NGO members in a common place with their Materials, articles, appliance, cloths, gadgets etc which are unnecessarily dumped and unutilized at Home, Office and various Organizations.

Exhibit everything, and perform an Auction, distributing the materials at very low price and also few appliances will be distributed for free. Ultimately the raised fund through sale and auction will be operated towards common and social cause.

This will help to manage our abundance and to create awareness of the Joy of Sharing. And eventually it's has got a big ecological vision such as managing the solid wastes and ecological friendly livelihood.

This will be performed among the School Children too.