We primarily focus on ‘Za Zen’, a form of silent sitting meditation. Every one is encouraged to use the vast natural surroundings to find their very own “zen space” to do their inner contemplation in the way they choose. Ananda and fellow practitioners are always available to provide guidance.

Meditation techniques from various teachers are also conducted depending on the number of practitioners at any given point in time at the Center. Such programs will be announced in advance for participation. Your participation is not mandatory.

All practitioners are encouraged to spend a certain amount of their day in volunteering around the Center. Do speak to Ananda, and tell him what you enjoy doing so that you utilise your time having fun! We also have a variety of projects that we spearhead alongside local self help groups, so we’re sure you will find something you love doing!

To ensure that the Center remains a sacred space for serious practitioners, generally children below 10 years of age are not advised not to stay at Sat Darshan. However, we conduct a lot of events specifically for children and their self growth – for which we actively encourage your children’s participation!